Be careful – advent sales

any commodity will have a shelf life, if more than the shelf life, often can not be used. The day before, watching the news on TV, see some large shopping malls, supermarkets launched near the shelf life of food sales area, will gather food fast due to the heap to sell together, and make the appropriate discount sales practices. After watching, I was inspired by this approach is very good for us, these small business operators are also worth learning.

in the daily operation of the retail households, and sometimes we often because of too much trouble, the store near the shelf life of poor management, the heart has not seriously treated and attention. Therefore, sometimes until the advent of goods have a shelf life, but not found in time, is still normal sales to consumers, has a bad impact on the reputation of the store.

sometimes will encounter "love contests" customers, they hand holding the expired goods, witnesses and evidence are in theory to find the door, despite our repeated apology, refunds, or even ten times the compensation, and will leave a bad reputation in the minds of customers, greatly affect the reputation of the store and merchandise sales. In this regard, I am deeply aware of.

once, I inadvertently, will be just one day overdue the green bean cake sold to a female customer, that female customers home open the bag after eating, found expired food, they found the store in a threatening manner, he’s really not letting this go entanglement, ten times compensation, it is not only required shop to make goods price. They also lied to eat a bad stomach, shall I get medical expenses.

In order to avoid

and maintain our reputation, I had knocked out teeth to swallow, according to female customer requirements ten times compensation and took out 300 yuan of medical expenses, to pay off. However, after the female customers and their families still in the village trumpeted, said my supermarket selling expired food, hurt consumers, and so on. Since then, my supermarket reputation has fallen sharply and business has been difficult to do.

visible, do advent food "sales and management is very important. Therefore, we should take seriously their own retailers in the supermarket "advent food", do not be discounted, but can not be careless, if not handled properly, will bring great negative impact to the reputation of the supermarket business. So how to manage the advent of goods? Below I talk about the advent of commodity sales and management.

is the last lesson, I began to attach great importance to the future of food. First, the advent of management of the goods, I take each into a batch of goods, I have put the number of food shelf life expiration time recorded in a book, for tomorrow to find convenient and well documented, accurate and convenient.

every day before closing the shop, I will patiently look at the book records once, to see what the food is about to shelf life, and then those who are going to the shelf life of the goods sorted out, recommended


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