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although the process of urbanization continues to accelerate, but in life there is still a lot of people in the fields of labor, agriculture in the past when the harvest mainly depends on natural weather, so people’s income is also less stable! Reporter recently learned from the Chongqing State District Finance Bureau, to promote the sustained and healthy development of agricultural insurance, agricultural insurance in the region last year invested 17 million 693 thousand and 300 yuan fee, escort for agricultural production. To ensure the healthy development of agriculture, farmers can not do without careful operation, but also without the support of the government!

Chongqing agricultural insurance premiums as high as 17 million 693 thousand and 300, the government can give support to agriculture is great. At the same time, it is understood that the rice, corn, sows, fattening pigs, goats, fisheries and other ten major agricultural production and agricultural total special benefit premium of 17 million 693 thousand and 300 yuan, involving agricultural enterprises, professional cooperatives and large farms 26896, the insurance company claims a loss of 11 million 707 thousand and 800 yuan. It is reported that the implementation of the agricultural insurance to reduce the loss of 8565 agricultural enterprises, professional cooperatives and a large breed of disaster losses, greatly reducing the operating risk of species of farmers, improve the enthusiasm of agricultural production.

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