Get rid of institutional barriers to innovation driven development in Sichuan

now wants to achieve regional development, we can not do without the use of innovative mechanisms. Sichuan through the organic integration of the various help policies, to build a platform for business collaboration, fully stimulate the entrepreneurial innovation of Sichuan entrepreneurial crowd.


3 on the afternoon of the innovation and development "; to cultivate new economic growth momentum" press conference, the provincial science and technology department director Liu Dong, the provincial Commission by letter to the director Chen Xinyou, defense science and Industry Office Director Xu, Chengdu Municipal Committee, New District Party committee secretary Wu Kai the answer, the answer spread out in front of the public.

to the grassroots people

because innovation platform to help bridge, Liu Dong met the no qualifications of grassroots entrepreneurs now have been fruitful. Liu Dong stressed that the construction of business incubators for entrepreneurs and emerging public space, to promote the creation of the public, crowdsourcing, public support, the congregation raised platform is an important starting point for the future. He said that Sichuan is studying the key laboratory open to the grassroots people, "as long as you have the project, we will set up a number of open laboratory platform, through certain procedures, rely on a collaboration within the province to support."

civil military integration

Sichuan innovation development mode to cultivate what are the features and highlights, will be how to play the advantages? Liu Dong said the reporter’s question, the central document development, comprehensive reform pilot innovation has a series of arrangements and deployment in Sichuan relying on, focus on the integration of military and civilian. The establishment of the new system and mechanism of civil military integration, conversion, make people to join the army, military and civilian integration, is the biggest bright spot. The future will be the integration of military and civilian industrial development fund.


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