2016 China imported air purifier ten brands list

for the current Chinese, pollution is everywhere, want to have a clean living space, it is tell some fantastic tales. Thus, under the power of science and technology, a variety of air purification products continue to come out. Although China has developed a lot of air purifiers have a lot of brands, but in the above, or with many international brands have differences. Because of this, China will have so many imported air purifier. Next, let Xiaobian for everyone in 2016 China imported ten air purifier brand rankings, so that we have a more comprehensive understanding of the purifier industry.

in recent years, with the increasingly serious air pollution problems, China’s air purifier market began to be concerned. According to incomplete statistics, the Chinese air purifier market has more than 500 companies and brands, including no less than 100 imported or OEM brands. Aitchison, Oule, PHILPS, Honeywell and other international well-known brands in the air purifier China to establish a branch or agency, and according to the characteristics of Chinese air purifier market dedicated to creating new air purifier products, China air purifier market much industry attention.

compared with the domestic air purifier brand, the international well-known brands in terms of technology accumulation, marketing strategy or brand reputation has a huge advantage. Data show that in 2015 China’s air purifier sales ranking of the top eighteen brands accounted for the annual sales of 30%, and in these brands, the imported brands accounted for up to a total of fifteen of the total number of brands in the world’s top eighteen brands. In March 1, 2016 officially landing the implementation of the new national standard China air purifier industry is to increase the imported brands in China market dominant position, it is no exaggeration to say that in 2016 Chinese air purifier market will be imported brands in the world.

so, in Chinese many international famous brand, who will become the future Chinese air purifier market "leader"? In the current situation, the future will become the leading brand Chinese market ten international well-known brand air purifier.

2016 air purifier imported China ten brand ranking first, Aitchison air purifier

Aitchison (Agcen) is Germany’s first, the world’s top three air purifier manufacturers, with a history of a hundred years. 1930, Egisen developed the first practical air purifier, mainly for medical air purification. As for six consecutive years, the United States AAA Home Appliances Association, winning brand agency, Egisen has maintained a strong technological competitiveness, antibacterial filter technology the fifth generation of ATP HEPA, is the only thing in the world can kill bacteria, virus real and dissolved and harmless treatment technology.

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