Female college students to return to their own species of strawberries two hundred thousand

a lot of college graduates began to look for work, and few people will choose to return home to start a business, but Peng Lili immediately returned to his hometown after graduation began his strawberry cultivation career, and now has little success.

find work as independent business

2009 in June, Peng Lili graduated from Southwestern University, in Chongqing, a wedding company to work. Wages only 800 yuan, but very hard, in the persuasion of her parents, she decided to return to employment in Meishan. However, after returning to Meishan, she has not found a satisfactory job.

"can not find a job, then start it." Peng Lili said, what do I want to do a good job, I thought about raising cows, open food stores, it seems not appropriate."

"with them that is not clear, as long as I have a good, that is good." Peng Lili said. Fortunately, although the parents worried, but finally understand her decision to support her strawberry action.

smooth open market sell opportunely

Peng Lili strawberries for the first one, let parents uncomfortable. She gave up her own, but to the neighboring village land transfer 38 acres of land to grow. "Why not plant your own land? To rent someone else’s land?" He Fuzhi was reluctant to give up.

2009 August, Peng Lili by borrowing money, loans, invested 200 thousand yuan, planted the first batch of strawberry seedlings. Investment, the pressure is also great, then thought, take a step further, do not have any risk?." Peng Lili said.

hard not wasted the first strawberries soon mature. Looking at the bright red strawberries, she was delighted, but so many strawberries, do


she made second strokes: door-to-door. She was driving a small van, with a basin of ready to pick strawberries


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