Business to business – quick of eye and deft of hand

some people dull daily not only in the way of getting along with people above, in the business field is more obvious, this is also how people do business? As the saying goes "to do business to be quick of eye and deft of hand". The customer asks you about the prices of goods, they will have an urgent psychological, if you move slowly, in individual child anxious, not wait for you to him, they had been "sneak away".

many people have a similar experience: you go to the market to buy food, ask the boss how much money a pound, he answered 1 yuan. You are still considering whether or not to buy, but the boss has brought you a plastic bag, enthusiasm to help you pick vegetables, Zecai, and his mouth could not say, you look at the dishes so juicy, are picking up in the middle of the night. Then said to the bag inside the food, and, constantly ask you, boss, so many lines? Why don’t you buy more? One day, people can get away from vegetables! Look at the boss so enthusiastic, at this time if you said not to buy, how much a little sorry. It can be said that the boss is neat, contributed to this business.

We will often encounter the example above

in life, the peddler has also brought a lot of inspiration to our business. For example, a customer asked the boss, you come here X brand beer money box? Just ask you to the customer, a box of X brand moved, and said to him, your brother also really have a good taste, this brand of beer in a period of time to sell well, especially ice drink more flavor, please rest assured me in the price, not more expensive than others, you to a few boxes?


said, customers almost feel shy to say no to buy, there are three reasons: one is that you have to move to beer, regardless of whether he is to inquire about the price or buy, anyway, he has the demand; two is through the "do you want this box" question, choose the least is a customer box; three is you inadvertently also provides "ice drink" such value-added services.

people are now living in a very fast pace, even if they do not want to spend too much time. Of course, the action to be fast, can also be reflected in the sales of other goods, many customers have not much free time, if you are wasting their time, not only will bring customer bad impression, but also may lose back".


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