After 90 to create the kingdom of nternet snacks month sales of over 5 million yuan

electricity supplier is definitely the most popular vocabulary. In recent years, many companies have to enter the network, the combination of online and offline sales channels, done fast, the Internet era brings convenience to the development of the business of two.

with ideas and baseboard college students

Zhang Peiyu, founder of

4 years ago, Zhang Peiyu freshman. He was admitted to a good university in Shandong, Weihai, to study financial. After entering the University, may from family cultural influences, his head is full of ideas to start thinking about local opportunities to. Zhang Peiyu is Shanxi people, his father did a half life business, selling red dates than his age. So he thought of his hometown.

snapadoo. This class also did not know the young man in a completely unfamiliar place rented a 60 square meters of shops, the main products in Shanxi, such as vinegar, Fen, Junzao etc..

although in the local villagers in Shanxi a lot, but after all, no acquaintances, just relying on consumer word of mouth, open up the market had a hard time, total sales go up, rents are difficult to maintain. Seeing the business losing money every day, Zhang Peiyu began thinking about how to improve the sales in the local chamber of Commerce of Shanxi’s help, Zhang Peiyu began to run the company group purchase, when the holidays for their delivery, so, what is the specialty store sales channels, business is getting better and better.


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