China’s economic development to promote the development of private financial industry

in the past, people may be for the economy, the whole day is to think about the problem of food and clothing, there is no money, do not talk about what financial management. But now is not the same, people’s income is growing, the development of Chinese economy, make people’s living standards greatly enhance, and private banking division in this industry began to appear, and can be fully developed.

trainers in personal finance, financial management is not simply to save money, but extends to the comprehensive financial planning, investment income tax arrangements, retirement security, children’s education, loan category design etc.. They will be targeted to provide differentiated services to customers, give different guidance and recommendations.

for billing, personal financial planner is general and customer consultation, some are in accordance with the annual salary system, according to some customer financial contribution or total financial income received a certain percentage fee. A year later, some financial planner for a client’s financial gains of up to about 1000000 yuan, he also has a personal payment of $100 thousand into the pockets.


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