2012 Management Master of the six rules

in the management of the initial, a lot of people are at a loss, in this small series will unlock the heavy fog for you, in fact, these are some successful people summed up.

in the front of the article, we first see an experiment — were optimistic, Playboy and pessimistic, lonely people in two in the lab, and then use a cotton ball about influenza virus spread on both sides of the nose, tracking results. You guess which side of infection much? The results came out, a lonely crowd — be startled at the severity of infection, how much? 4 times! Very interesting experiment, isn’t it? If a person contacts, friends less, less pessimistic and lonely – even the germs are to bully he. To this end, I also checked the Baidu encyclopedia, people interpreted as "interpersonal relationships" formed by the interpersonal relationship and, often for political or commercial areas, but in fact, no matter what the industry, everyone will use the network. In the tourism industry to do marketing, people face is indeed a good job, but even if you have 1000 cards, does not mean that they are available".

in Hollywood, a popular saying: "the success of a person, is not what you know (whatyouknow), whom you know (whomyouknow)." "Network marketing is a person leading to the wealth of the admission!" take the tourism industry, has just entered the community of young people, suddenly entered the travel agency to do business — people are just classmates or colleagues, often need help will be trapped in a "helpless" dilemma; even if there is a work experience marketing people, if not good at establishing and maintaining the relationship, it is difficult to further expand the circle of contacts.

A, the first meeting of the art


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