Entrepreneurial failure often stems from the neglect of these three aspects


said the success of the cause of failure is very similar, for different reasons, but the failure have some common factors, there are a lot of entrepreneurs is because of the neglect of these common factors, which leads to the failure of this road. The following three aspects, is often easy to ignore the factors of entrepreneurial failure.

A, sharpen your good ideas

your ideas to solve what problem to users?

you these ideas need what kind of resources (money, personnel, procedures, sourcing, customer contacts and so on) in a word, the first step is to go deep thought, to consider. Organize your ideas, write documents. Find out what you know in the field of cattle exchange, it is best to directly to the idea that they listen to. Let them speak freely, generous with your criticism. Your attitude must be humble and absorb the advice of the big coffee in these areas. This era, the idea is the more polished the more valuable, hidden in the stomach and other people will have a lot of problems you can not see. Do not worry about being stolen, a good point will certainly be stolen, before you start your business and the difference is not really stolen after the venture. More exchanges, think more, until you feel that you put the point of thorough analysis, you can use the point of moving people to join forces to persuade businesses to attract users to consume.

circle of people to raise money

find you the most suitable partner, their ability to enable you to complement each other, ensure that all aspects of your ideas must be technical, marketing and sales personnel in place. Since dare to have entrepreneurial ideas, change the main problem seems not a problem, do not say, find your ideas in the target users, you are the first batch of angel users, when they have not finished moved out, let them tell you their real needs and opinions.

specific method is?

The third step


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