What are the obligations of Fujian network ordering platform

is the so-called: "iron rice is a steel, do not eat a meal hungry" diet as the livelihood of the people, to ensure the safety of the tongue is very important. At the same time, along with the fast pace of life, people eat out more and more, more and more common, to create a healthy diet culture, to ensure the health and safety of people eat, was put on the agenda. This time, Fujian for network ordering platform, clearly put forward the following requirements.

the first plenary session of the twelve session of the Standing Committee of the Fujian Provincial People’s Congress held the first meeting of the twenty-fourth. "Fujian Province Food Safety Ordinance (Draft)" submitted for consideration, the "Regulations" (Draft) detailed the responsibilities of relevant departments, while obligations to the third party network of food trading platform to make detailed provisions.

all aspects of food safety to whom?

reporter learned that the regulations (Draft) refinement of the responsibilities of various departments. Among them, the food and drug regulatory authorities above the county level is responsible for the supervision and administration of food production and management activities in the region. Agricultural products (000061, shares), aquatic products from farming or fishing, or to the quality and safety of production and processing enterprises to enter the market before, are responsible for agriculture, marine and Fisheries Department; tableware, kitchenware Centralized Disinfection supervision by the Department of health; food production and processing, is responsible for the quality Supervision Department of food advertising; whether it is illegal, is responsible for the business sector; vendors occupy roads and public places of business, responsible for the city department.

local characteristics of food without national standards how to detect?

"Regulations" (Draft) also be clear: the provincial Ministry of health in conjunction with the food and drug regulatory authorities designated and announced the provincial food safety standards, and reported to the health administrative department of the State Council for the record. Such standards should be encouraged by research institutions, educational institutions, academic institutions, industry associations, etc..

How to ensure food safety in


regulations (Draft) on the platform side of the obligation to make a strict requirement, should be on the network of food operators real name registration, urging the implementation of food safety management, consumer protection and other systems. If the platform is found to have violated the laws, administrative regulations and regulations of the food business operators, should be promptly stopped, and immediately report to the area of food and drug regulatory authorities. If the platform fails to perform its obligations, so that the legitimate rights and interests of consumers are damaged, it shall be jointly and severally liable in accordance with the law.

in addition, the "Regulations" (Draft) of the catering service providers put forward 7 specific requirements, such as: after disinfection of tableware, kitchenware by batch factory inspection qualified rear should be marked; disinfection unit name, address, telephone number and other information on the establishment of independent packaging; production and operation record shall be kept less than recommended


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