Analysis of the strength of cross-border electricity supplier business in Zhengzhou

with the advent of the Internet, our life consumption patterns have undergone a fundamental change, online shopping has become a common social phenomenon, while the development of electricity providers welcomed the cross-border. Rely on cross-border business platform, cross-border business in Zhengzhou through the global more than and 70 countries and regions, the average daily processing capacity of 5 million single, become the country’s import designated port number and types of the most complete inland city. Open, let the Zhengzhou Railway Station in the tide of time inland. At present, the Zheng Luoxin national innovation demonstration zone to further promote the building, how to grasp this major development opportunities?

pointed out that the provincial Party Secretary Xie Fuzhan the day before, to drive the construction of the demonstration zone, to become internationally competitive in the Central Plains Center for innovation, give full play to our province other city radiation leading role, promote the formation of innovation and development of the new situation, the core leading leading echelon development, enhance the. Governor Chen Runer in the independent innovation demonstration area construction Luoxin Zheng country for the first time to promote the coordination of the meeting said, "the construction of the demonstration zone must not be behind closed doors, alone, in a world of self claustrophobic make innovation, and make use of the resources of innovation in domestic and foreign markets, so that resources to maximize benefits".

does not reject the public flow, the party is jianghai. In today’s world, the economic globalization, information socialization brought about by the commodity flow, information flow, technology flow, talent flow, cultural flow, such as the water of the river. Any country, any region, any enterprise can not rely on their own strength to solve the problem of innovation. The construction of the Zheng Luoxin national innovation demonstration zone can flow, can use market innovation resources fully, catch-up, open innovation is the key.

open innovation is the realistic choice of Henan. At present, our province in the level of innovation resources, compared with the same regions of the country, the gap is obvious. Compared with other provinces and other advanced demonstration area, the innovation foundation of Zheng Luoxin’s national innovation demonstration zone is relatively weak, and the innovative resources such as high-level innovation institutions, high-level innovative talents, national innovation platform are few. Only by adhering to the "going out" and "bringing in", can we effectively break through the bottleneck of local innovation resources.

open innovation should actively learn from foreign experience. Outside the box from coastal areas, the successful experience worth learning. For example, in the last century in 80s in South of Jiangsu, the use of Shanghai’s Sunday engineer, effectively solve the problem of shortage of talent. Henan has geographical advantages, industry based, with preferential policies, we can also attract and make good use of Beijing’s "Sunday engineers, scientists, insist on not for, but is not for all, but to use, in such a state and mind, recruit talent, open innovation.

economic globalization continues to strengthen, the economic relationship between the world is getting closer and closer


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