Xiamen entrepreneurs summit held more than 900 entrepreneurs involved

in the course of our economic development, we want a region’s economic strength has been continuously enhanced, inseparable from the exchange and cooperation between enterprises. 2016 annual meeting of entrepreneurs Summit on November 7th afternoon in Xiamen International Convention Center successfully concluded. The annual meeting for a period of two days, attracted a total of more than 900 entrepreneurs and business groups for participants, around the "enterprise innovation cooperation, industry integration and development theme, the industrial cooperation promotion team held a special forum and forum.

entrepreneurs Summit on both sides of the board of directors Zeng Peiyan, chairman and vice chairman of the board of directors, Jiang Bingkun, attended the closing ceremony of the.

Sheng Huaren made a concluding speech at the closing ceremony, he said that the annual meeting held in Kinmen and Xiamen, the results exceeded expectations. This year will be held in Kinmen, Xiamen, is a creative choice in the current situation of cross-strait relations, not only ensures the smooth and successful summit, also symbolizes the two sides "door-to-door, water or even water", reflects the people on both sides of the "heart to heart, a pro".

this declaration to compatriots on both sides, no matter in any difficult situation, adhere to the peaceful development of cross-strait relations is an unswerving belief of entrepreneurs on both sides. Participating entrepreneurs around the enterprise innovation and cooperation, the development of the industry to carry out the theme of this exchange, to deepen cooperation in the future to reach a series of agreements and intentions. President Yu Zhengsheng delivered an important speech at the meeting, and make you inspired and encouraged by the cross-strait entrepreneurs form an important consensus, and vigorously promote cross-strait innovation cooperation, cross-strait economic integration and development, to create a win-win situation.

Sheng Huaren pointed out that the two sides complement each other, mutual benefit and win-win relationship is the trend. The two sides of the economy, the two sides of the enterprise in the market economy conditions, although the competition is inevitable, but complementary win-win has been and will continue to be the mainstream of cross-strait cooperation.

the next step to promote cross-strait Entrepreneur Summit of each industry group according to the agreement and consensus to accelerate the construction achievements, and Taiwan semiconductor fab and Gure Petrochemical integration of two major projects, a good grasp of cross-strait agricultural machinery and small precision machinery manufacturing Co, set up by the peak, the cross-strait cooperation in cultural and creative industries to the mainland the western region, continue to promote biotechnology and health care industry cooperation, to further promote cross-strait financial services for the real economy, to strengthen the cooperation between small and medium-sized enterprises, good preparation for next year, held in cross-strait youth employment and entrepreneurship seminar.

Jiang Bingkun said in his closing speech, the group hopes to continue to work hard to implement the agreement reached with the signing of the agreement, and invited the mainland government to cooperate and support. In addition, Jiang Bingkun suggested that the two sides jointly set up a joint Secretary of the research team, the two directors and keynote speakers on the future economic cooperation between the two sides put forward valuable suggestions


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