To do the promotion of customer psychology

"site promotion" refers to the promotion of the time, just right for the customer to make a decision in order to achieve sales results. So, when is the best time to close the case? What are the good closing methods? Here are some ways to learn.

First of all,

should pay attention to observe the details, grasp the best closing time. Excellent sales staff, always through the subtle observation of consumer behavior, determine the closing time. We can judge a lot of consumer behavior. Consumer psychology decided to buy the following message:

1, customers kept asking the same question, and eager to be answered many times

2, pick up the promotional leaflets on the face of promoters who repeatedly watch

3, the product of the deliberate fault of picky

4, ask for after-sales service, delivery and other matters

5, on a topic of the product and promotion personnel to discuss

in addition, some consumers casual action and behavior will be exposed to the desire to buy: clutching hands loosen; unconsciously repeatedly touch eyes in moving goods; after being introduced between commodities and other commodities (compare products); suddenly long out of breath.


through your observation, your customers appear arbitrary in this one, then all can indicate that the customer has had the purchase desire and impulse, at this time, the timely closing, remind your customers, the purchase of. Don’t keep talking the chatter without stop at this time, you know, sometimes buying desire and impulse transient Chinese, there is an old saying "maybe sometimes because of He that talks much errs much.", you said that you should not resulting in the promotion process of failure.

in the promotion, do not only care about their own good, good guide, but to focus on customer response. It is very important to grasp the customer’s psychology according to the different behavior of the customers.


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