Daily Express sprint listed at the end of the year may not be considered on the backdoor A shares P

and a courier company will join the listed express company club".


June 16th, every day, Zhang Hongtao, President of express delivery to the surging news (www.thepaper.cn) revealed that every day in Ningbo and Southwest Securities was founded in March 2016 to prepare the listing of the preparatory group.

sprint before the end of the listing

at present, daily express has not yet identified the listing path. Zhang Hongtao said, the daily express will be in the mid to late 8 according to Shen Tong, SF, tact, backdoor listing, backdoor listing, listing decision in one of the three new board or innovative way, "not to consider IPO as the path to market."

It is reported that

, the daily express had been hired as a financial adviser to PWC, a half year audit report in June 30th. Zhang Hongtao said that every day will be around the middle of December express, listed or backdoor listing.

to promote the listing process, while also speeding up the pace of financing every day. In February 2016, the daily express to complete the amount of not less than 600 million yuan A round of financing, the main party voted for the gold Qianhai development (Shenzhen) fund management company limited, Guizhou Panjiang Asset Management Company Limited, Qingdao Haier venture investment limited liability company, large sailing capital investors with the cast. The company’s A round of financing mainly to the network, the main transport, transit warehouses and its capacity Yuncang business.

right now, every day courier B round of financing is being carried out, is expected around September 30th, the completion of the scale of 700 million -8 billion yuan B round of financing. It is reported that gold in Qianhai will vote every day with the delivery of B round of financing. The daily express plan will be B round of financing to invest in the Internet insurance and for its Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Wuhan, Changsha straight battalion company launched equity replacement and cash acquisition, by then, the daily express direct proportion will increase to 70%.

express courier investors, expert Zhao Xiaomin told the surging news, in the fierce competition in the market China private courier, express every day can be achieved in the future turn overtaking, depends on the daily express can take advantage of its headquarters in Hangzhou, to seize the Alibaba lucrative cross-border storage resources, and trends in the Xiaoshan airport before the transition to cargo airport ahead of the layout. Zhao Xiaomin also said that every day after the delivery of the best listed courier service providers electricity providers, take the road of professional differentiation, mergers and acquisitions as soon as possible after the completion of the listing.

intends to enter the Internet insurance

in the fierce competition in the express market and lumpy capital market, the Daily Express "is not a person in combat".

September 2015, STO and express every day announced strategic cooperation.

express every day and STO have cut constantly, the reason is still chaos, the relationship between the daily express chairman Xi Chunyang in 2012 before the disk access every day, has served as president of STO


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