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the rapid development of economy, the continuous development and change of the times, in the pursuit of fashion, personalized era, the characteristics of the public eye is one of the highlights. Especially in this competition market, your cosmetics stores still use unified image? Because site store is king, and the following specific analysis:

in the era of change and consumption iteration environment, cater to different types of consumers, the need to provide a richer image and content experience.

Two years before the

cosmetics shop are keen to upgrade the image of the entire shop, many shop owners are holding "to enhance the overall image of the sales will significantly enhance such expectations, the reality was slapped in the face, this year many corpuscles.

open a cosmetics store uniform and decent image, is to help sales, in theory, yes. But yes!

knowledge into productivity, the image into sales, the most difficult is the transformation". It’s not the whole store image, or you’re changing from head to toe.

to successful transformation, at least have to consider the store brand, consider the audience range, consider the characteristics of shops and other factors, to build visual performance. The owner and designer, at least one person understand it.

These two factors

this line for the audience and brother shops ".

I used to be in the site and business district, said the text of a point:


cosmetics chain store location, is due to store address: the audience and category structure shape, form their own location strategy, according to the strategic indicators, only to find correspond to the type of shopping area, shop location and facade structure.

, however, the local chain stores, not to the "mature" stage, do not learn "shop location". In the Limited store resources, in the new shop in the weak environment of outsiders, the shop has not reached the level of brand recognition, it should be because of the location of the store, will greatly improve the survival rate of new stores.

"because the address set shop", that is, according to the new facade of the business district, the audience, the location and structure of the store, decided to open what kind of shop.

cosmetics store chain positioning, category planning, the main scope of the commodity structure, including the store image and other factors, not your old model cloning can be copied. For those who participate in the competition, your store brand is not strong, customers do not know you, the same as the private store chain, others have done here for seven or eight years, you come over with what grab food to eat?

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