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Abstract: Hongkong does not seem to be an open society. Reality, the conservative character of the Internet revolution in Hongkong far behind China and the mainland.

is back in the rainy season in Hongkong, so it’s not easy to hit a taxi when you’re on the street. But if your mobile phone is equipped with a quick taxi App, it does not seem difficult to call a taxi, even in this bad weather.

and App found a taxi driver chatted, or a lot of fast the number of taxi drivers in Hongkong. In the past, like the mainland will return to the driver subsidies. There is no subsidy, but there are points, can be used to replace the fuel card, in exchange for vehicle maintenance and the like. But unfortunately, the most important part of the payment has not been opened, a quick taxi in Hongkong can not pay for the use of alipay. So we finally give the driver cash.

The main problem of

of Alipay in Hongkong is fast payment currency conversion and banks association. At present, the bank is quick to pay less support, and are credit cards. Currency conversion need to pay a certain fee. This process is cumbersome and costly. In the 7-11 and the Alipay prepaid card sold to the user according to the exchange rate conversion to buy a certain amount of charge into the Alipay account. Such a user experience, not many people are not surprising.

even if the user has to get these, there is a problem in a treasure on a cat shopping, is the clearance of goods. The general customs clearance need 3-5 working days, plus transportation delivery, at least a week to get the goods. And high freight. I see some of my colleagues in Hongkong to buy a treasure thing, there is no more money to buy goods. A treasure in the domestic price advantage, logistics time advantage, no moment here in Hongkong.

I asked some young people around Hongkong for the Internet, for entrepreneurship, the existing rules of view. No one seems to understand the Internet industry, no one is willing to venture out, and the existing business model social rules are very much agree that there is no need to change the place.

himself here in Hongkong to study, work, life has entered the fifth year, I feel that the following is the lack of Internet thinking in Hongkong, the lack of innovation:

a, ready-made social structure is stable, into the aging society

Hongkong and the mainland, spindle society has formed for a long time, the middle class occupies most of society. Mainland China is still in the Pyramid structural Society (which is undergoing drastic changes). In this region, the vertical flow of stability in the region, is bound to be less than in the driving force of innovation in the region. In addition, the Hongkong area has a long life expectancy, and the society has entered the aging stage. Innovation is a young thing, for the aging society in the region, the lack of natural ability to innovate.

two, the traditional business is very perfect, the traditional service industry developed and convenient

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