How to run a small movie

people’s rhythm of life, the pressure of all aspects of the increase, so that consumers have more and more spiritual and cultural needs of entertainment, there are more and more needs. It also opens up a huge invisible market for small movies. How to run a small movie?

Mini movie.

success stories

Slowlife movie bar is located in an old lane in Shanghai, Xinle. The interior walls were painted cream yellow, with a cloth sofa, the dim light and soothing music. The show room is actually a small room of about 10 square meters.

business tips

A, the store set some popular desktop games for real money, provided to private customers. This can expand service projects, improve revenue.

three, the main business is to put the film, so that customers can choose their own interest in the film in the store, can bring their own, each customer can enjoy drinks and snacks, and charge the cost of 30 yuan per person.

cost benefit analysis

Slowlife upfront investment is mainly in advance rent, renovation and purchase of equipment composition. Renovation costs estimated at 20000 yuan. In addition, there are projectors, refrigerators, disinfection cabinets, etc., is estimated to be more than 10000 yuan. The first half of the rent is 24000 yuan. Coupled with utilities, property costs and other expenses, the opening of a small theater in the early investment of about 60 thousand yuan. Per person per month to calculate the cost of 30 yuan, the number of passengers a month needs to be guaranteed by 200 people. According to the reporter, this is not difficult to do.



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