How to deal with the poor farm dumplings dumplings

business is not bad, as long as we can find a strategy to deal with, it will naturally change the poor management of the status quo. However, if you want to find a response to the strategy, the first thing you need to do in the end. Here, the small series on the introduction of a bad business manual dumplings farmers to see what kind of coping strategies.

in xiangjisi Road, there is a small dumpling shop, two years ago, Zhang Wende of Yantai spent 80 thousand yuan from the local people on the shop, with farm dumplings business, "100% Handmade, every day fresh goods, with the promise of these two points, his reputation in the Boiled dumplings gradually with the surrounding residents. The turnover from the original 600 yuan / day rose to 1000 yuan / day, while the turnover has been maintained until June this year.

"somehow, recently more than a month of business suddenly drop, the daily turnover of only four hundred or five hundred yuan, I also thought a lot of ways, did not pick up, when is really bad." In the face of near million monthly expenditure, Zhang Wende depressed, in mid September, 18 received his call for help, hope the 18 wealth team can give him advice on…… In September 21st, the central figure 18 wealth pulse team — Hangzhou yanggongdi lakeside restaurant · Wei Zhuang deputy general manager Wang Xin, Zhang boss came to shop visit, with his years of experience in catering business, and for the diagnosis and prescription of dumplings.

the current situation of farm dumpling shop

Zhang Wende’s "Yantai farm dumpling shop in xiangjisi Road No. 319, next to the Central Asian glasses shop, a piece of red and yellow glasses huge billboard is very eye-catching, we find the pulse team according to the address at the 40 square meter store.

dumpling shop door stopped with a 10 meter long green belt, round belt walked into the shop, he saw a price tag, vegetables, meat dumplings dumplings…… A few careful, actually there are more than 20 kinds of varieties of dumplings, the price from 5 yuan to 10 yuan, at the same time, there are handmade noodles, cold dish, drinks.

is on the door, Zhang boss with a door apart, as Boiled dumplings shipments stood beside the window, TV and air conditioning, dining table and chair shop, unlike the general store, the store is like dumplings chairs "KFC", is very clean and rooms with chandeliers, hanging on the wall of Yantai hand the text introduced the card Boiled dumplings, a few waiters are customers Boiled dumplings. "My dumplings are of good quality." Zhang Wende said that he saw the news of the TV news, after the injection of contaminated meat, vegetables, dumplings, meat and vegetables are no longer buy from the farmers market, and purchase from the supermarket, from the source of checks.

"eat food, health is the most important", in the eyes of Zhang, his dumplings are


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