Xi’an External affairs nstitute innovation and Entrepreneurship

university is the cradle of cultivating high quality talents for social development and national construction. It is necessary to adapt to the needs of the times, constantly adjust the direction of education, and cultivate the talents who are most suitable for the needs of social development. Now, colleges and universities put emphasis on the education of innovation and entrepreneurship education.

– the hospital in Shaanxi province was "safe campus" title. The CPC Shaanxi Provincial Committee, Shaanxi Provincial Higher Education Work Committee for comprehensive management of social security office, Shaanxi Provincial Public Security Bureau jointly issued a document "on the recognition of the 2015 annual Shaanxi province" safe campus "decision", to the hospital and 8 other schools in Shaanxi province "safe campus" title, and be informed recognition.

once again won the Shaanxi province "safe campus" title, is the competent department of the hospital continued to promote the connotation of "safe campus" construction has made new achievements certainly. At the same time, it is also the work of the hospital put forward higher standards, more stringent requirements, the hospital will continue to adapt to the new situation, create new achievements, and promote the hospital safety work to a new level.

– the hospital selected Shaanxi province university practical education innovation base. Recently, the Shaanxi Provincial Higher Education Committee announced the practice of education in Shaanxi province innovation and entrepreneurship base selected list, the hospital and the Northwestern University and other colleges and universities selected. The hospital has become the only civilian run colleges and universities in Shaanxi innovation and entrepreneurship education base.

the hospital as a comprehensive private university, has been to cultivate applied talents as its direction, the innovation and entrepreneurship education as the main characteristics of the school, through the whole teaching system, has been highly concerned by the Provincial Education Committee, the provincial education department, provincial science and Technology Commission, the provincial Science and Technology Department, provincial Party committee and the news media the. In 2009, the hospital took the lead in the establishment of the private colleges and universities. The "dragon fish entrepreneurship foundation" was established in 2010, the scale has been expanded to 5 million, the interest free loans and equity investment, provide funds to help more than 10 students have entrepreneurial enterprises.

2013, 12000 square meters of College Business Incubator Park officially put into use, the line of college students in Shaanxi province Souren cloud platform and line of business incubators (including college students entrepreneurship teaching area, entrepreneurship training and simulation results display area, entrepreneurship incubator). By the end of 2014, there have been 51 college students successful incubation project, to society. The school in 2013, 2014 and 2015, three consecutive years in November held the three session of the "dragon fish" entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurship Forum section, from the Education Department of Shaanxi Province, the office of human resources, the League Committee and other government departments and social organizations, cooperative enterprises support, received a warm response in College students.

2014 September, the hospital was recommended by the Shaanxi Provincial Department of human resources and social


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