Ma Dong, Gao Xiaosong, have to participate in the content of entrepreneurship, which does not go aro

Abstract: in all the entrepreneurial tide, the surface is not the threshold of the content of the venture, in order to live in the new media circles, for example, many people have a dream to build a valuation of the public number. This mentality led to the false prosperity of the content of entrepreneurship, put aside the chicken soup, the content of entrepreneurship threshold is very high, the celebrity effect, strong team, content channels are the contents of entrepreneurial ridge around the past, and the grassroots is always vulnerable.


can be said that this year is the most popular content of entrepreneurship of the year, December 22nd, the resignation of CCTV in the Iqiyi platform to build "wonderful" into the climax of the career that Ma Dong then resigned, Iqiyi CCO founded mewe media reached a strategic cooperation with a group, detonated attention. Ma Dong’s experience is very representative, especially CCTV host, Iqiyi chief content officer, CEO three meters without the identity of one, for the study of the content of entrepreneurship who is a very typical case.

to Ma Dong, a talk in that the content of the era of entrepreneurship, the content of entrepreneurial era is not really coming? Interested in content creation are suitable for the content of entrepreneurship? To which points to note? These questions to make a personal cognitive carding, and I there are nearly two years of experience with IP, this opportunity to talk about my understanding.

first poured cold water: the national content of entrepreneurship optimistic

September, the former CCTV host Zhang Quanling publicly admitted leaving CCTV, soon aroused social concern, and the content of the field of entrepreneurship is entering the field of Zhang Quanling. In July, Gao Xiaosong served as chairman of the board of Ali music group, Song Ke served as CEO, soon joined He Jiong resigned as CMO. From the CCTV host Ma Dong, Zhang Quanling entered the content of entrepreneurship obtained high attention to content platform Iqiyi, Ali choose music celebrities top view.

whether the content of entrepreneurship or content platform, are fancy celebrity effect, grassroots does not account for too many advantages. On the contrary, some grassroots entrepreneurs UGC content, such as a S, comic books are on the rise, soon forgotten or heat cooling.

to the expert for support Youku creator grassroots content platform on the program, a lot of expert selection out, really are said to be very successful, many flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum. Currently active in the real content of circle fame, and the degree of social concern persists, such as secret is the creation collection platform, flower grass root men said, behind Iqiyi and Sohu video support, never thought behind is a persist for many years the content of entrepreneurship team.

in addition, including hot logic thinking, happy twist and Guo Degang, seemingly are grassroots content business model, but behind each representative of outstanding content of entrepreneurship has few common factors: first, team. Second, many years of operation. Finally, platform support.

also said that the fight is the content of Entrepreneurship:


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