Cantonese money cheats together to learn

each place has every place money, life in Guangdong in the Pearl River Delta area, so it is very easy to make money, some people choose to join their products, some inspirational shop, it is The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea Gexianshentong, here we share with the people of Guangzhou to earn money cheats, perhaps you can learn something from these stories, though not very touching, but all is the real thing, let us into the story!

"multifunctional video phone"

"multifunctional video phone" is a professor at the Zhongshan University returned after spent 10 years of effort on the success of it in ordinary telephone line transmission in black and white or color images, but also can effectively shorten the transmission time, data compression, error free transmission of data, high resolution, clear image, the use of a machine. The leading domestic application of technology in 1989, the success of the development, but the school due to its various conditions, it is difficult to implement their own.

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