Jing Yuan capital traditional business venture financing dropped 60% invisible consumption platform

January 11th news today, Jing Yuan capital announced the latest changes in the partner team, after the former Temasek Chinese TMT investment director Liu Yiran, former vice president of GGV capital GGV Tian Min joined Jing Yuan partner team. Liu Yiran will dominate the Internet and innovation in the field of science and technology investment, Tian Min is the main focus of digital health care and consumer upgrades.

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, Yuan Jing, Liu Yiran worked at Temasek for seven years, as Temasek’s investment director TMT China. Internet related investment has dominated the drops, including millet, public comment, VIPABC, work together, love, joy rookie etc..

and Tian Min joined in Yuan Jing, GGV in Jiyuan capital work for seven years, after serving vice president of Jiyuan capital investment, including the case of Pediatrics, Meiji, Rui Bao gene, terminal network, Ruibo biological drugs, red yellow and blue wing on the technology of preschool education, Ma Long dental, the United States and great health etc..

Jing Yuan capital founding partner Wang Qi, Jing Yuan at present the main investment direction for Internet innovation, consumption upgrade, digital health and innovation of science and technology. In the four direction, Yuan Jing will focus on exploring the industry "transformative" opportunities for entrepreneurs have a vision, and to rejoin after the service mode of entrepreneurial projects.

it is understood that the Yuan Jing capital was founded in 2015 by the Alibaba co-founder Wu Yongming and former Qiming venture partners Wang qi. At present, ofo has invested in a single, shared points, began to raise the public, probe, Rokid, lightning, Song Xiaocai, daily purchase and fresh, understand Timor, fiil headset, artificial, and other projects at the doctor.

today, Jing Yuan capital also issued a "new opportunities" consumer insight: analysis platform, partner Chen Hongliang said, "the new consumer platform is brewing, here, the traditional shop into the content producers, users become fans, this kind of platform and do not necessarily have a unified entrance, maybe ‘stealth’ in all the social network account."

and pay more attention to the spiritual value of the new consumer demand corresponds, in 2016, the traditional shelf type electricity supplier venture financing, has fallen by 63%. At the same time, including the public, including the content of the electricity supplier has maintained an increase of 12%, there are significant differences.

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pay more attention to the "spiritual values" of consumer demand, Chen Hongliang will be the four major characteristics of a new generation of consumer platform summary for the front presentation, the front end of the platform hidden platform users and back-end service platform fans, to be content, fans, service integration.


among them, "the front desk presents the content" means that the merchant must be the embodiment of the experts and the network red, people do not buy but read a commodity, a service.

platform front-end recessive description of the platform is no longer just a single entrance app, it can be a public number, the number of micro-blog headlines constitute the invisible network, there may be more than


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