Novice guide stall need to pay attention to what matters

pendulum stall looks very simple, but there are a lot of techniques to spread the stall, if you are a novice, you must learn more to put some stall skills, otherwise it is difficult to succeed. What needs to pay attention to the stall? Xiaobian for everyone to sum up the following points.

note image. The stall is not like you in memories of the past dirty and messy, do not sit on the ground, can make a small stool or pad something to sit; don’t spit on the ground, the customer saw leave immediately; don’t take off the shoes sitting on the ground, even if your feet clean, customers can see do not feel comfortable; not even shirtless, reheat days, you should also wear a short sleeved.

select the time period. Holidays are a good opportunity, and you have to give up these things for money. Popularity is the lifeline of the stall, the faster you can sell goods to make money, not the higher the price to make money. Why do you say that?. After dinner at night is a good time to sell, 16:30 is about 17:30 hours is very popular, can enjoy the sales items, because people are tired of working out saw good fun will stop at have a desire to buy. Of course, can also produce food sales opportunities, snack food staple food is poor, because it is close to dinner time, 17:30, about 20:30 after the rice bowl time people shopping activities began to spread, all kinds of daily necessities, fun leisure supplies sales opportunity came. 21:00 about the main consumption of food, other items of sales force will be reduced, because people are in order to hurry home to appreciate and explore the stalls on the commodity prices;



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