2012 is the most suitable industry

2011 has come to the end, 2012 is coming, the new year, hot projects will change at any time, which is about to start the venture investors have brought endless trouble. Below, small series will reveal to you the 2012 most suitable for business.

2012 what is a good prospect of the industry? Parity concept:

provide consumers with value-added products

to the development of retail business, the more highly civilized countries, the concept of parity play more extreme, so in the United States, Japan and other countries, a quarter of goods everywhere, large shopping center, Japan’s $100 stores will therefore hit a remarkable performance. In addition, the economic downturn, industry competition is becoming increasingly fierce, but also one of the reasons for the prevalence of parity concept store.

In addition in the operation of

2012 what is a good prospect of health concept:

will meet the health needs of money

with increased level of knowledge, national income, people pay more and more attention to the concept of health, is no longer because of illness have medical needs, preventive medicine ideas have accepted this, from a few years ago, the Ganoderma lucidum, aloe etc. become fashionable for a time of health care products sales have been confirmed, even now on the market a lot of more fitness clubs, restaurants and other health, even drinking water and organic fruits and vegetables are beneficial to health and stress because of hot, therefore, the concept of health is ranked as the most "money" road of entrepreneurship direction second.

health drink with high price, high margin, faster recovery. 2012 what good prospects for the industry, according to experts voted for the most potential profitable industries, like health care and fourth of second in the name of health food, it is the business direction has the concept of health, but in terms of the investment threshold, health medicine >


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