Open spicy hot shop notes inventory

open spicy hot shop also need to pay attention to some business matters. Many operators have been thinking about this issue, but it is difficult to summarize some constructive ideas. If you are not very understanding of this area, you can learn to make small series, so you do a good job in investment management business.

a, operating season

winter hot and spicy need not say. It is generally believed that the summer off-season for the operation of hot and spicy proved that this is a misunderstanding. Have all know that summer is more hot days business is better, have good conditions of air conditioning needless to say; bad conditions of side blowing fan drinking cold beer; side wipes constantly wipe mouth also shouted: boss " add some pepper! If not witnessed unimaginable a little spicy hot competition can have so much charm


two, business place

The selection of the

site and the selection of the facade are most suitable for the school, the station, the street and the street. The facade of the size according to their own circumstances do not need more high-end luxury decoration is more close to the mass of chastity. But signs must be eye-catching to be attractive. Because of this bubble hot bone soup hot and spicy signs designed into red, yellow, black and red, red is the most eye-catching color.

three, investment amount

to remove the facade decoration and rent daily cooking fuel open capital, the core ingredients from the headquarters distribution, side dishes can be purchased in the local farmers market or supermarket.

open spicy hot shop, operators need to pay attention to a lot of things. For example, site selection, for example, business programs, such as the cost, these are worthy of careful consideration. If you want to be successful, then a lot of learning experience, do not miss a good opportunity to create wealth.

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