National husband Wang Sicong net worth has earned 4 billion of their own

to say that this year’s popularity is the most prosperous who is red, I believe you will happen to think of Internet users husband Wang Sicong. Xu is too deep impact on the image of Wang Sicong’s many people heard the rich men’s sons, Wang Sicong earned 4 billion shocked.

"2015 Hurun Report" released, Wang Jianlin sitting on 220 billion to become the second richest wealth China. But what is interesting is that this time the students better than the popularity of Wang Sicong, a lot of it, 4 billion.

2009, private Holdings Company MIPS investment registered holding by Wang Sicong in 100%, the first phase investment of 500 million yuan. It is said that this is the son of Wang Jianlin for the failure of the 20 time, the 500 million yuan of funds, can not do, obediently back to Wanda to work. It can be said that Wang Jianlin is his LP.

1, wandering holdings. Is the web game developers and publishers, MIPs investment ownership proportion is 1.05%, wandering holdings after the listing, its stake diluted to 0.88%, to wander holding IPO price of HK $51 per share calculation, the book return multiples of MIPs investment is 1.81 times, if the exit at the time, will get $7 million 250 thousand.

2, music funny game. MIPS investment accounted for 1.3% of the shares, according to the August 2014 music funny game in the United States listed the issue price of $15 is calculated, the investment value of $27 million 744 thousand and 800 to Wang Sicong, it is mentioned that investment of nearly 5 times the return on investment.

3, Columba interactive. 9158 of the parent company, listed in Hongkong in July 2014, the market value of HK $7 billion.

4, fushouyuan. Mainland funeral industry flagship brand, mainly from cemetery sales revenue, listed in Hongkong in December 2013. Although the funeral industry unpopular, but it is profiteering industry in recent years.

5, Wuxi pilot. Wuxi pilot automation equipment Limited by Share Ltd is an intelligent equipment developers, focusing on lithium batteries, photovoltaic automation equipment manufacturing. Lithium battery winding machine of its customers include Samsung, Matsushita, SONY, ATL, BYD and other top five global high-end customers, has worked with IBM to establish a "pilot" cloud and data center, launched the "4 industry" plan, is one of the first integration of the two demonstration enterprises, is also the first concept of lithium battery equipment shares.


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