Join the children’s Park to remember the three points

children like to play in children’s Park, parents in order to let the children happy, but also willing to spend money, which makes a lot of friends have joined the idea of children’s paradise. So, join the children’s paradise to pay attention to what? There are many things to join the children’s Park, mainly to remember the following three points:

1, budget operating capital;

2, the expected number of passengers;

3, cost recovery period and profitability.

Operation mode and


1, equipment procurement and maintenance costs

2, site rent, utilities, management fees

3, personnel costs, publicity, marketing costs

and mall cooperation mode:

Koudian do not need to pay fees, utilities, labor, or need to pay the cost of property. There is a need for a sound method to restrain this, the two sides can communicate with each other;

base rent + Koudian, shopping malls are responsible for cashier, checkout is a month after deducting income for the rest of the mall, return.

of course, to know the children’s park management techniques can not successfully operate a children’s park. Finding a good project is the key to success in a children’s park. If you want to join the children’s Park, you can search in the whole network of children’s Park to join the project, to find good projects, entrepreneurial success.


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