When Home Furnishing brand store opened to catch the eye

people’s living conditions in continuous changing, for many of the original is not how things are more sophisticated, it is people’s attention Home Furnishing, brand shop is currently on the market by Home Furnishing entrepreneurs welcomed the investment project, there are many yet to open a store brand Home Furnishing prepares, at the opening how to make the store during the Home Furnishing eye, this is the problem of innovation, Daxiangdiyipao opened, let more people understand your Home Furnishing shop is very important, it determines your Home Furnishing shop in the future is here to share a brand Home Furnishing shop how to attract more attention in the opening.

borrow Home Furnishing shop decoration eye-catching

many shops in the decoration during the marketing is a blank, ten day decoration, store waste, People are hurrying to and fro., then you can do suggest a conspicuous large printing, a temporary promotional expenses, not much more than one hundred yuan can, promotional content can be the upcoming opening of the brand publicity, can also be a little shop marketing said, but there is a way to save money is to pull a banner, write "from XX opened the store and how many days", is also good, causing consumers to look with a sense of curiosity, which will open up.

by the atmosphere to catch the eye of

Create a

atmosphere is added into the store opening rate, and the music is very critical, the opening must be opened to the atmosphere, so that consumers understand that you are in the newly opened, I don’t agree with what the fireworks, but we must think of a way to get some blue flowers, there must be at least eight, not too little, of course there is no atmosphere; if conditions permit, can also have the arch, some people will engage in some bands like, advice is not necessary, like fireworks, tacky and matching.

By the weekend or holidays to catch the eye of

can’t believe what the opening time but auspicious occasion, the choice is very critical, as many consumers may have caused a sensation, the effect of general election on Friday and Saturday opening is excellent, because these two days a week is people two days shopping, when the flow of people is great; consumers have a herd mentality, love lively, love people.

By means of promotion to catch the eye of

due to the long habit, if there are no part of the promotional activities, consumers will not adapt, recommendations are not required to sell a commodity has much value, is not required to give gifts, but the discount and discount will allow you to retain consumers.

the development of the domestic industry is very rapid, if you want to seize such opportunities, I hope that the above elements we must firmly remember, with the level of people’s consumer recommendations


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