What are the profitability of local stations (two)

              last night, write a local station’s profitability by what decision, get a lot of local station friend’s attention, there are a lot of friends and I QQ ask some specific situation, because I really have a lot of things need to deal with, ha ha ~ site started the following stage, some problems of public concern, Baoding video shopping network www.0312v.com up to the present operating experience, has published some immature views, hee hee, at ~

              well, let’s get down to business and talk about today – persistence.

            a friend message, "persistence is to become overdo. But IQ ~", right, I agree with you, you not overdone, but definitely must be out and out of the execution of the. Baoding shopping network video before the line, I am planning to do the design of the company, in the local minor celebrity, can be said to continue should have a good prospect, I is a designer, oh, once the customer asked me if I would like to say, she did give, give me 10 thousand yuan a month can be guaranteed. The addition of royalty, I refused, because I think I have resigned from the post of teachers, their favorite thing to do, I have to run their own independent career, so you should stick to it, but the planning design although the company can do, but the circle is always limited, I am not willing to be I like to have a lot of friends, do not hesitate to advise everybody.

              a year ago, I closed the design company and threw away all my successful cases; I began to think. Until finally confirmed the video shopping guide network project. I began to carry out market research, in the circle of friends, know not to know the potential customers including circles to engage in research, we are very optimistic about the project, oh, I feel the opportunity came, and began recruiting, team building, market planning, web application testing, add content, all the work in the follow the prescribed order. Carry on, my heart has a dream, and taken a step, because I know, only to go for are likely to succeed. If you don’t do it, just wait for the pie to fall out.

              as a local station, the traditional method is generally carried out online promotion, which rely on the network of SEO, network advertisement, as far as I know, in Baoding the second city has little to do outdoor advertising, because the investment is too high. But I took a different approach


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