Talk about personal views on website construction

first made a stand, we should know how to optimize your web site and promote your site.

before the site to identify the direction of their own, think about what kind of Web site to be done, the overall planning is what? How to publicize and optimize your site, step by step, you need to plan.

all these issues must be taken into account, now many people want to build a website, not to say to buy a space to buy a domain name set up, open and accessible on behalf of my website is ready,

does not have to go to him, the content does not update, so that kind of words, will think this site is a garbage station. Never flow.

web site to do, and often constantly updated their content, this kind of kind can help Baidu search spiders crawl.

content if original, some webmaster will go to the Internet to find some touching the same article in paste to your website above.

we can be in the backward inside, take a look at the site optimization articles, there are many things worth learning, can be found here.

I’m a newbie too. Some expressions are not clear, but that’s what it’s all about.

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