Pseudo original is a disgrace to the webmaster

when I think about this topic, I’m prepared to pay a huge price for that.

many years ago, when our webmaster is still in kindergarten class school, the beautiful aunt often tears repeatedly told us the truth in life, the most important ones, to be honest for this. For years now, although the "honesty" is like "Miss" as a "bad" product, was looked down on, but after all there are several orthodox daughter-in-law adhere to the "Miss" of the road, they despise those whitewash, tarnished reputation voice giggle and flirt, innocent woman; there is some even being spilled ash, still did not forget to be honest and honest man, silently practicing sage’s instructions, we are looking forward to the return of truth. In the webmaster ranks, some used to copy to a "read" is shown not only issued the relevant website "pseudo original" author, they defiled the body network original, shame on web2.0.

do people have a piece of heart disease, hard code words, ink in his station entirely, he was sharp eyed God directly copied to the author, only to rewrite the original issue again "". This seems to be good, isn’t it? You write so many people love, is not a good thing? But who have experienced this "pseudo original" behavior, in fact only the original author as "Miss", love you, not because of love you. When we see our article being "pseudo original" on other people’s stand, we can only feel anger and shame, and there is no way. I was an important reason for webmasters a post included: "Baidu refused to English station" by many webmaster "pseudo original", and my own small as unimportant, this article has not been included in Baidu and GG, if it is you, what would you think? I believe, do webmaster and who have had such an embarrassing situation.

I understand that in order to make a living, some grassroots webmaster have resorted to eighty like Wu Yi, special skill through grasping the flow, as the group SEO super Dafa, just two words: "flow". But to be honest, when we see our own text by others simple "read read" after the batch to the front desk "original" release, we can only sigh. Although most of the grassroots webmaster words is not enough, but the others "A single word of gold." articles directly linked to release in his own name, at least is an immoral behavior. The Internet is a virtual society, and even if there is no pervasive law, there is a moral existence. If one in smart clothes in real life to the webmaster, behind the screen, which surfaced face, become a moral person, a scholar’s misbehaviour, this is who insult? Behind the seemingly prosperous Web2.0 foam, but the original is "pseudo original" author, they deliberately slander a network morality at the same time, he also became the object of wanton slander.

therefore, I strongly oppose grassroots Adsense "pseudo original" behavior. >


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