Talking about the survival rules of free websites

yesterday I wrote, I think I can still click, but the message made me feel a bit uncomfortable, my article is the connection of one of my 5D6D free forum, the main content message is " 5D6D "


I don’t know a webmaster with a free website (Forum) what’s wrong with the system, we now see that GJJ is not free from Wangzhuan do together. I don’t think what’s wrong with the free space station webmaster, I feel able to rational use of resources is a qualified webmaster webmaster, can easy to do with less investment to create the largest profit really is a qualified webmaster…

a really is not possible in their technology is not very mature when they buy their own space for testing, usually with some free resources to build, to complete the project owners own this test is a real network can recognize the value of the

webmaster!We are often limited to the domain name and

spatial awareness to distinguish the webmaster, in many free resources station have a lot of people do quite good, as far as I am in of science and technology, 8 free space station are free to use, see their strong side when you are so disdain therefore,


people tend to judge social phenomenon in their evaluation, I think this is a very bad phenomenon, we should make good use of free resources to play to our strengths, to improve our service, let us technology more outstanding


, we should learn to use free space to learn how to improve our own skills to improve their own skills, so that we can adapt to the current tens of thousands of changing society!


above view is for reference only, learning, personal point of view only….


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