Taobao zern off contest broadcast Qingping era open top change

CEEN zern "world famous shoes Taobao guest" promotion competition [the second season] to third weeks, started to enter the "Christmas" period (cumulative extension of three could be obtained by the Christmas gifts 300 yuan in the 11.24 to 12.24 period). In our side, everywhere can feel the thick "Christmas flavor", especially this is the 2012 ago Last Christmas, everyone’s expectations of the festival more strongly. After the last round of "Thanksgiving period", a month long period of Christmas the more intense


if the first is the opportunity to promote, second time is accidental outbreak, then came to the third times still steady in the forefront of the world championship, is the strength of the real deal reflects. Yu Qingping since the start of 2 with an average of 7 a day of the super high standard of performance chasing, following last week’s take next week after the championship again this week, with turnover of 46 pens, a total of 4155.44 yuan and surpassing the total Commission Jinchan ranked first Taobao VIP media alliance, to become the new overlord Yu Qingping 2 to second tough state! After the season staggering! Have to say, "Yu Qingping is 2, 2 is


ranking followed by Taobao alliance VIP media, followed by 88 yuan yuan, apple luffi520 the player since the start of the results after slightly decline, but according to the season to reflect the situation of Taobao alliance VIP media is good at early storage capacity, the late outbreak of the players, we all hope that these competitors could recover as soon as possible, the impact of 2012 new year 1000 red envelopes – "never underestimate the heart of a champion!"

As for the

rising star, a total of 74 Taobao guests have been awarded a new person award program this week. Last week, continue to walk in the hot startling step by step on the broad road, weekly turnover of 19 pens, a total score of third is still high, we continue to pay attention to his every step. In addition, last week just won the "new reward" your smile is so cold, the name is also very strange, in December 6th that day, Hao take 9 pen clinch a deal, won 900 yuan Commission, under this can laugh heartily!


[hot shoes]

zern "Viking" high help series and "Pamir" business casual series is still the main transaction at the same time, twelve year-end promote – the Berserk activities launched next week, as well as corresponding policy introduced the "ultimate berserk shoes", to the friends please pay more attention to


[week of new award winner (12.2-12.8)], you can get 50 yuan reward!


please contact QQ1597389813 award winners to communication matters (results published within 14 days after the no contact is invalid)

[Mr. policy] has something to say,

(again to Mr. policy review week, last week, the old strategy for us to explain the Taobao military art, and today what will it be? Immediately connect!)

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