The site review system of Chinese commercial websites

in the operation of business. China open soil, studied many advanced operation experience, such as a web site review system, integral system, and joined the local sub station system, looks very beautiful, just like the "The legend of Condor Hero" and, after their own taste, just know the taste. Let’s share our experience with the website commenting system.

reviews were first used in B2C websites such as Dangdang and excellence, and each book was followed by readers who rated the book and sent flowers or dropped an egg. Later, some webmaster want to come out to enterprise evaluation, and blacklist, attracted a lot of media eyeball, web site to collect the site to make a evaluation, it is logical.

has a lot of advantages in evaluating websites.

one, add original content to the website.

to do a website, not easy to say easy, that is also not difficult. If all of their own writing procedures, their own design interface, write their own articles, of course, is difficult, not only time-consuming and laborious, and the interface may not be popular, the program is also a lot of Bug. If you have a ready-made program on the Internet, it’s the easiest. At this time, the webmaster most headache than content. An entry-level webmaster will go to reprint, stay there a few years webmaster know the pseudo original, senior webmaster will be "true" original. Content provided by users, of course, is the choice of poor webmaster.

second, attract popularity.

on weekdays, we will often on a station, but the station is not to give any chance once remarked, "bad" speech, to delete the account no IP, or slander, so can judge and find a safe place, as many comments the dream of home.

has these two advantages, and it’s worth a try. We are missing everything, and the only thing that’s missing is passion. Once something is done, it’s 37, twenty-one. Thus, the soil began to design. 05 years, Baidu stick is relatively fire, because its interface is simple, no forum so many pots of fancy features, open soil in accordance with the development of a web site evaluation function. At the beginning, because the post less, put a list of all the content of the post; later, some post content is too long, a few pages to the top, I had to change the title, not directly display content, open the post, also can reply. At the beginning, you can post anonymous; and later added the member registration function, posting keyword filtering function, anti spam, anti duplicate post function function and so on, this is something. In the operation, Kuang met many difficulties, here for everyone to resolve.

difficult one, no post.

, this is all new sites. There are several steps to be taken to solve the problem. First of all, first of all, a lot of Posts come up, but also have the same pattern, but also change IP, change vest, a hair, a top, and create a very lively false scene, here!


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