The importance of content in self media

from the media, a grassroots class stage. From the grassroots into a hero, this is a big heart, the stage is how big, we can rely on their own wisdom and characteristics to achieve their own glory. From the media, this is the mass media, we can live in their own wonderful, but also to share our wonderful to others. For example, WeChat, micro-blog, blog, post bar, this is the most familiar from the media platform, but also quite popular platform, so that the public in which the realization of the value of self. But now the competition from the media has become increasingly fierce, how to break the bottleneck in the existing situation, especially in terms of content. This is a question to think about, and a problem that needs the public to explore.

content is from the core of the media, which is the most important weight to attract the public. The existing self media is limited to a certain content model, but how to break through the existing content model, which needs to be considered.

first of all, we need to grasp our own characteristics. The so-called characteristic is different place, this is like a beauty, only have their own characteristics of beauty, and meet the needs of the public aesthetic, can be better welcomed by the public. The same is true of the media, only to retain their own characteristics, in line with the needs of the public, can be in the era of self media tight encirclement. Since the media must retain their own characteristics, so as to better competition. And different people can play their own advantages, which is a recognition of the wisdom of the masses. With the continuous development of the media, the public play a monopoly on information, and even reach the role of opinion leaders. And to attract the masses, is to rely on the wisdom of the masses, there is a sense of the civilian use of the people.

, with the development of self media, its threshold needs to be optimized continuously. Initially, the low threshold is to attract the public, but the threshold is too low will allow content flooding. Therefore, in the content selection, we must grasp the following principles: to ensure the freshness of content, this is to make the information more timeliness and freshness. At this point, from the content of the media, we must do first sight, feel, the first eye feeling is very important. It is not only the freshness of content, but also the skill of writing. At the same time, also need to pay attention to the content of the packaging. Formal packaging requires novelty. With the development of science and technology, formal packaging is playing more and more important role. For example, video screen, micro film, these are very good form. Every man is the director of his own life. However, the content of the play is not grandstanding, but the intention to share their favorite things to more people.

also needs to be sensitive to the content. Society has a wide range of hot topics, and this is also from the media to play room. This requires self media managers to have a keen topic of mining. For social hot spots, everyone will have their own ideas. However, under the existing circumstances, many people will become more and more


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