What’s the future of an individual webmaster

I do plant site search network station, from the first day of the start of the operation is enterprise of the route to go, the stumbling is really miserable. But as a man, in pain, tired, but also swallow to the stomach, ha ha. That’s what I did. It’s hard to find a technology from a small studio I’ve just started. People don’t want to work with you. Then slowly made a little "luxury" point of the medium-sized studio, ha ha, but it also has a lot of difficulties. To consider a lot of cost issues, because factories, warehouses and other advertising users are not many, not as good as originally imagined. As a matter of fact, I think all the people in the factory network should work together to explore a new route. Can not rely solely on advertising profits.

above is my personal simple point of view. Hope like-minded friends chat together, finally want to wish all webmaster have a happy ending. Must go through, the most difficult time has become "past tense", ha ha,


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