Lei Jun he is not opportunistic, the pig on the outlet, we misread

annual meeting of the business – the green company annual meeting is being held in Ji’nan, which means that a big wave of corporate bigwigs speech is coming.



In the

event, CEO Lei Jun millet site with "millet tomorrow: new products movement" as the theme of the speech, the words, pick to light point to share you ang ~

Lei Jun said, millet should do exciting products, "I think the brand without patience, will soon lose easier."

on the new national products movement

"I think everyone should consider the essence of Chinese to know I’m talking about the problem of the two problems: first, efficiency is not high enough. Second, the user experience is not good enough. In fact, this is the essence of our Internet industry, because the vast majority of Internet services are free, if this free service, we have the user experience is not good, we can not make money, nor retain people, the business how to continue? The traditional business is at least to me every single business is to make money, the Internet business is the first pay money, that I lost the first premise is the user can stay, even more fans. So, 6 years ago, I figured out the first question, we must first improve the efficiency of commodity circulation. So, I want to use the method of electronic commerce to the circulation of commodities, in order to improve the efficiency of electronic commerce, we also set up shop factory, we make our own millet, sell, regardless of cost, we use cost pricing, we only need a few points of cost, operation cost is almost, we selling into the hands of the user, so we use this model to the millet network, in order to improve the efficiency of sales of goods. Looking back, we are able to concentrate all the energy on how to do a good job of goods, how to do a good job of design, how to do quality."

new products is the focus of the speech Lei, and its new products movement path is standard: 1) to which the domestic product is not good enough; 2) to dig a Japanese; 3) the new products sold to japan. Of course, the speech also mentioned the millet rice cooker recently flew a little.

about artisan spirit

I believe that I believe that I do not believe that rely on a product, a detail, day after day, year after year, a little bit to show you. I think the artisan spirit of the epitaph is when I am dead, you think my life seriously do everything well, artisan spirit of the epitaph is when you die the tombstone, absolutely not today we boast of my heart, and we also know that our resources are limited. Our ability is limited, a lot of things done in my heart is also very anxious, not good enough. My character is a perfectionist, I always see all the problems, if we still have a lot of places where we are not satisfied with the situation, I hope consumers one hundred percent of the trust, I think


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