Micro-blog monthly live users over Twitter, but it is becoming more like Youtube

Abstract: now micro-blog focuses more on short video. After making the foundation of PGC last year, this year began to strengthen the layout of copyright video and promote UGC video content. It can be said that micro-blog is becoming more and more like YouTube.

the evening of May 16th, micro-blog released the first quarter earnings before the opening, this is the first time micro-blog will put earnings before the opening of release, some people say that is because the late habits of micro-blog CEO Wang Gaofei is afraid that the analyst call late before making a move.

however, it is this change, let micro-blog stock more off than the past earnings when waves: the plate before the stock rose 11.5%, intraday rose 20+%, the latest market value is $16 billion 600 million, compared to the lowest point in 2016 over 5 times, in May 16th the rise, a lot of micro-blog means.

The essence of

micro-blog is traffic portal

at the basic data level, micro-blog handed out a very rosy report card. Net revenues of 1 billion 370 million, representing a growth of 76%; net profit attributable to micro-blog’s growth of 278% over the previous year, is the tenth consecutive quarterly profit, nearly 3 times the year-on-year profit growth in almost shares in a few, only unfamiliar street equal. In March 2017 the number of monthly active users (MAU) growth of 30% over the previous year, to 340 million, this is the twelfth consecutive quarter MAU growth rate of over 30%, has more than Twitter on global social media platform for the top spot, which is the direct reason for micro-blog’s stock price soared 25% a day.

indirect reasons, as well as the recent collective trading of technology stocks, not long ago, Tencent market capitalization of $300 billion into the club, not a few days, Alibaba also successfully entered. The global TOP10 company has 7 technology companies, several other apple, AlphaBet, Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook also hit a record high, capital is more favored for the new economy, micro-blog shares rose more or less influence.

but the underlying reason is that micro-blog is a traffic portal.

investors in mature capital markets don’t buy and sell stocks for financial figures or so-called news – the value expectations of the company’s business are the basis of decision making. Not long ago at Berkshire Hathaway shareholders’ meeting in 2017, Buffett said investing in Apple was because "apple is more like a consumer company."".

if the earnings data aside, micro-blog’s key to attracting investors?


micro-blog in different people’s eyes have different positioning, some people say that is social, some people say that the media, some people say that the content platform. The founder of the car home, and now the founder of the car Wei Wei, Li Xiang has been like Buffett to micro-blog a word positioning, [email, protected] (Wang Gaofei), because of the efforts of the micro-blog team, >


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