How should website advertising programs be formulated

CCTV in 2010 at the tender advertisement, we have seen great changes in the CCTV advertising product design, in addition to the use of CCTV original traditional advertising products, but also a combination of content, mobile phone TV, IPTV, mobile TV advertising products, suit covers a very broad media resources, from CCTV the attitude, even the chief, also be very professional, even more than other industry, in order to have the chief bearing.

, then, the industry’s chief wants to cut its products to the very best. As an online media, we should integrate our network products, and get better development in learning and innovation.

we can see most of the web advertising services are clearly marked, with which the location of the advertising is how much money, how much is probably where attention and click rate, which is similar to sell things in the price, the most is to buy more gifts, or discount, so for advertisers, such business is generally short-lived business, unless very large enterprises have long-term cooperation, for medium-sized enterprises, will lose a lot.

for CCTV’s new product design, we see that product design with integration, optimization, innovation, three aspects of the design. Similarly, for the website advertising services, we can also follow this idea to do, the key lies in how to integrate, how to optimize, and how to innovate.

number 1: list all the services on your website. As a list of your website’s products, you can choose which ones you can charge and which can be used as gifts or packages.

second: write out the strengths and weaknesses of each service, as well as the audience, click through rate, and attention.

third: after the above are done, it is necessary to analyze the audience groups and characteristics of the website.

fourth: according to the characteristics of the audience of the website, delimit the scope of the advertiser.

fifth: in accordance with the characteristics of advertisers, advertising sites for advertisers are classified, and the advertising services are classified and packaged into packages.

sixth: list all the ad services on the website, and then set the keywords according to the type of advertisers, so that they find their own advertising packages.

finished, I hope we can help.


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