am a comrade, am also stationmaster.

will now give new sites for a ICP record, almost prohibitively difficult. You ask me why, presumably many webmaster has realized on the personal website for the record, the policy adjustment, have hurt the living space and the interests of individual owners.

I don’t know how long before

, but at least a few months ago, when an ID number corresponding to a number of the account, at least I is a website corresponding to a MII account and their identity information for the record, where each network station is alone record, no preparation many sites use the same account. And now, I am on the new site for the record, then enter your ID information, it prompted the identity information conflict.


telephone consultation,

service: the answer is, it is because of your identity card account has been used, please put your website record with a.


I: I’ve had multiple accounts for a plurality of MII website, what do you want me to do now?

customer service: This requires you to have multiple account before the MII website registration information and identity card to leave a subject of cancellation, no cancellation, the cancellation of the sites that are prepared under the same account for.

: my problem is that so many sites, I don’t have to remember each site corresponding to the MII account, that is to say, can I can cancel the cancellation, but I forgot the account number and password, how to solve the


customer service: this question, you consult your local information authority (and then tell me the local information authority telephone number)

then, I called the local information authority and explained this thing,.

me: Hello, is the XX information administration? Because of the above problems, my new website can not be filed, how to solve, and my identity card is not used on the record,


information management staff: we haven’t dealt with this problem yet. Let me call you later, call me this afternoon or tomorrow, OK?

I am very depressed, second days did not play, the third day at noon I called to contact the past, the local information management bureau said that the problem has been reported to the above, how to deal with, with the results will inform me.

well, to say, this is the end of the story. I really believe he can tell me, don’t be naive…

this thing for a person to do, really hurt, no matter how to do website failures can cheer up, but this time, even in the record on the issue of frustration, I really lost the direction, will it be


because the website is a free occupation, so I think most of the personal webmaster just like to do, and in the face of their website career also have enthusiasm, because doing things do not look at other people’s faces, >


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