Cai Wensheng three directions for future business

Abstract: there are many possibilities of life, not limited to the company. From this point of view, I think everyone is suitable for entrepreneurship, everyone should start a business, everyone will be successful.

November 25th, by China, Chinese youth youth angel angel will host the 2015 East China branch China angel investor summit and the second forum held in Shanghai Huangpu river. Cai Wensheng, a member of the Chinese Council of angels, and a founder of the investment fund, did a speech on the theme of "why should we start a business?". The following is a summary of 100 million European network wonderful view:

1, the struggle of life can be divided into five stages, the first in order to survive, society, improve the quality of life improved second, to third, a little achievement you have to show off, let more people know their own success. When you have more experience, you will begin to pursue what you feel. Fifth, return to park is true, rise to the realm of spirit;

2, the Internet has several important characteristics: the first is. People say the second feature is the Like attracts like.; Crowdsourcing, the so-called Crowdsourcing is to let countless people to help you work; the third is to share, it is now the two most successful models, namely Uber and Airbnb.

3, the next three to five years, we should be in which direction entrepreneurship?

the first direction, that is, Uber and Airbnb model, this model is the most powerful to optimize the allocation of idle resources out;

second entrepreneurial orientation, we can simplify the complex things;

third directions, we transform some of the traditional processes, subversion of some inherent model.

below is the full text of Cai Wensheng’s speech:


good afternoon everyone!

Shou bin in each period can make people like a flower. In the beginning, I heard two feelings today, one is Xiaoping, he said, everyone is suitable for entrepreneurship, although wheat just added a little, not everyone can succeed, I very much agree.

I think the scope of entrepreneurship can be spread, today most people talk about entrepreneurship is to do the company, make money on the internet. In fact, entrepreneurship is the creation of a cause, there are many categories, such as you write a novel, you draw a picture, or you go to Beijing on foot, these are the cause.

There are numerous possibilities for

‘s business life, not limited to companies. From this point of view, I think everyone is suitable for entrepreneurship, everyone should start a business, everyone will be successful.

second, talked about the Internet, everyone is talking about micro-blog, WeChat, Meitu Xiu Xiu, the Internet is actually a kind of hardware, but also is the foundation of supporting the internet. In particular, the combination of soft and hard, is very promising. The sun did not go further, he.


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