Four operators must survive code, and how to solve the operation performance of Daniel operation!


I have experienced operations team, when operating at low position, do not feel the workplace "bloody"; a slightly higher level, we deeply appreciate the workplace politics is often greater than the output operation of a hail of bullets, interests.


so many people desire most is to find a simple team, simple, simple performance evaluation (a business goal is clear), in this team, work should be happy and positive.

everyone works hard for the common goal of communism. I especially like such an unknown target is not a traditional code of conduct, to put the 2b. I hope the team, not all sizes of shoes in your way before you, a broad road, full of joy and passion unlimited. Again, the team needs data-driven, and each of our decisions, each marketing behavior should have a reason, rather than patting the ring of the brain behind what command. As a result, we will not be headless flies rampage, and secondly, we can see the output of each marketing behavior. If these two points, in our operations personnel will enjoy the career.

of course, such teams are few and far between. So how do we survive in the existing team?. Yes, survival, then operational performance.

operator four recruit survival code

      1; let the leader make the choice, not the judgment question,

when our leaders and our colleagues have the opinion of me, no matter what I issued by the operation scheme, they would have rejected, this is obviously ran directly to people. At this point, I came up with a solution: let them do multiple-choice questions instead of making judgments.

when I was doing community operations, I encountered this situation, where the twists and turns are no longer in detail, anyway, because my people were led by the leadership to make decisions. Cause them to bear a grudge and stay away from me. Once, in order to plan a project, I integrated the thematic strategy into a prototype, and then the group discussion, you can imagine, unanimously rejected. Then I plotted and vetoed. At this time I moved the mind, so go down, certainly not far away. So I have an idea, brother does not let you judge, let you choose.

so the same theme, brother planning two topics, to get to the group discussion, I said: "which do you think good?" they said, "second good.". Occasionally, the meeting on the second. Simple and clear.

2, hard on the scalp, reason,

when your direct leader conflicts with you. I’ll try to reason things out. Putting your posture right first proves that I’m doing something, and actually I do it for it.



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