Attention to detail and win-win situation of enterprises is the survival of local recruitment websit

At the beginning of the

have come to a blessing, remember the December 1st Internet Conference, there have been serious feelings for A5, I hope the friends of the A5 success! Nearly a year did not write the article in A5, estimated writing something strange, not well written please forgive me. Here are some of our experience in running local talent recruitment websites for more than two years.

sometimes details determine success or failure, so we start from the details, I said here is real dry cargo details, big and empty things by some articles said. These details are expressed in:


launched a mobile phone SMS notification function, is the enterprise member or individual member registration will receive real-time registration information notification message, although this will bring increased cost, but the function of increasing the viscosity of the website and the experience of practice is indeed played a very good role. And this function gives people the feeling that the site is very formal yo.

, 2 members of the value-added service charges must be diversified, although we opened a Alipay online background and wealth through the payment function, but in practice there are still some businesses and enterprises are not Alipay, there is some HR are not willing to use their own a Alipay company for online payment, or some people from the point of view of security to the background of online payment, online payment so in addition to the website backstage, we also opened the online payment, online or contact us by Alipay or wealth through a direct hit. Of course, the most important collection and the public of the public money is absolutely indispensable, a lot of attention of enterprises will come to your company to inspect, so we suggest that the operation of recruitment website or company as well, after all, strictly speaking individuals are not qualified operating personnel recruitment network station.

3, according to recruitment characteristics at different seasons should have appropriate measures and methods, such as in the summer vacation last year, we increased the part-time recruitment section of the propaganda, hope summer part-time students provides many opportunities for part-time, many students are recognized by us, to the extent that these students after graduation job you will naturally think of our website.

4, the reasonable application of the integral mechanism, in order to reduce labor costs and encourage online payment, online payment site to increase our automatic score of this program, the online payment will automatically get points, the score will be according to a certain proportion in the membership renewals when gold is worth now use, with the supermarket shopping to a certain amount of additional get the cash volume different approaches but equally satisfactory results. And we will choose a specific period of time to increase the percentage of this change, the biggest benefits to enterprise members.

more details, I will have time to continue to share with you, of course, this article can get everyone’s approval yo. Say a thousand words, pay attention to these details, just let the enterprise in our website can receive actual effect, can really achieve win-win situation with the enterprise, this is the local recruitment website success.



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