Free and paid in network promotion

Free and paid


network promotion

basic operation

1, three SEO homepage, title tag, the site code above keywords, description three tags, keywords ranking, search habits according to Baidu spider, title label Baidu to give right important than keywords tags, keywords priority title the inside of the. The main web site of those keywords, as well as the company can produce benefits keywords, and then through the keyword password query tool to title for a new sort. The second is the keywords keyword sorting, unlike the title tag. Describe the site in a few general words and write it in the description tag. Plus the company’s main business.

2, website column SEO, use the same method to program is the three tag of a sort, pay attention to each column is the different focus of each column and other columns do not have the same keyword and description. Degree order O,

3, website internal and external links, every section of the website and other sections of the link should be regular, can facilitate search engines to find other pages and home page, the most important thing is to let visitors find. Other sites have more links to our website.

4, SEO code, website in the beginning is established to determine the site code, if the web site is the original code, not on the Internet or other background system to come, will change the code of excellence, let Baidu love and can find. If it is not original, it is to change the background system of others, you need to have no original, very complicated code into a simple, there is no necessary text to delete. Can be determined according to the actual situation.

two free promotion

1, increase website weight, website update is very important, and not the more the better, but Baidu believes that your article is specific to certain value, Baidu love original articles, although we cannot each write, but at least to do some changes to the a column, the column can change the main keywords in the Title above, or put in the article with the article, must speak fluent, give people the feeling is not an advertisement, but also be able to bring others useful things. Add the domain name of the website at the same time, that is to add the link of the website.

2, Baidu space, Baidu will be included in their own space, can be established and site related space in Baidu, which has a blog, and pay attention to the space name inside the content must be related to your site, remember to update every day, published some articles regularly every day.

3, blog promotion, the establishment of a web site related blog, such as Sina blog, Sogou blog. The same is updated every day.

4, Forum promotion >


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