There are five areas to remember before web development

this article describes how to increase your chances of creating an excellent new website. Remember to refer to what needs to be done before the site is developed, rather than the issues that should be considered before going online. This article outlines five of the most important aspects, both keyword positioning, website innovation, profit models and web site follow-up development.

1, keyword analysis, location. It’s about where you’re going to develop the content of your site. We should be familiar with the industry, which may be closer to success. Also because you are familiar with, with a very important first-hand original data, then it will fully play a positive role in helping you make money. At the same time, you have to use some webmaster tools to check the popularity and competition of the keyword you are targeting. High popularity, of course, the more competitive it is, if you have a special advantage, you can consider doing, otherwise it will be more difficult, this depends on your own grasp.

two, website innovation analysis. It includes innovation of content and innovation of structure. This is the most intuitive, that is what our visitors can see directly. Perhaps some people will say, as a grassroots webmaster, now do not stand for visitors to see, but to do to search engines to see. Please be sure to trust a well designed website and trust members will give you a high mark. For example, my "incense" when the network is an educational model network, I used the icon on the use of WORD and WINDOWS folder, to members of a similar to their own mobile computer feel. At the same time, please make sure that you don’t fancy in the premise, to meet with some images, video and other multimedia files, they help to maintain the vitality of your website.

three, website promotion feasibility analysis. On the website promotion plan should be made before the introduction of the feasibility, and not to the site on the line and then to consider this issue, or waiting for your website to find own website promotion there are many restrictive factors, such as the lack of audience problems, for the promotion of the platform, then enter the dilemma of riding the tiger, but regret really shouldn’t be doing this website! It must be on the site before the introduction of fundamental advantages should make the scheme promotion.

four, website profit point analysis. If you’re just interested in standing, you can ignore this article. My experience is that at present, do some e-commerce stations or industry stations can make money, and some of the flow of content station profit is more difficult. Take my incense when summing up the work of network, the last to see the master said. "The station of blood and tears: what monologue station also don’t do. Station", today I also talk about not feeling more, in addition to homogeneous stations, included difficulties, I think the biggest problem. Is impossible to find profitable point. If you pay for it, there is a lot of free online, if you do GG or Baidu alliance, but I found that ad matching is the worst in all websites. So, in a word, you must first think of the site’s profit point, and then go to your website.



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