Zhou Hongyi’s several assertions about mobile nternet there are only three profit models

days ago, Qihoo 360 chairman Zhou Hongyi on the mobile Internet topics for @ Chinese entrepreneur interview. In Zhou hung t view, the more successful PC era of enterprises, the mobile Internet era heavier burden. He also believes that the giants who did not find the real killer applications on the mobile Internet, there is still a lot of uncertainty in this market.


dark horse brother Zhou Zhou t’s views, core views are as follows:

needs courage to innovate in China

the current Internet China lack of innovation, we are copied to copy, the main reason is "Losers are always in the wrong." values – innovation company is prone to failure, fear of failure, will allow small companies to try. Large companies have money, there are channels, antitrust efforts are not strong, and finally made small companies are not innovative, product homogenization serious, we are there to fight financing, fight burn money.

Americans advocate disruptive innovation, prefer think different, not follow others, and subversive and saboteurs are regarded as heroes. In China, subversion and destruction are derogatory terms and are considered troublemakers. Therefore, innovation requires courage in china. We are lucky to have done some subversive innovation has not been killed, I hope there will be more of China’s unique disruptive innovation in the future.

The more successful

PC era, the more heavy the burden of the mobile Internet era,

in the future, the mobile Internet is a huge challenge. Investors asked me, 360 who will be overturned, is Baidu or Tencent, I told them that the subversion of 360 must be the trend, is the mobile internet. If people don’t use PC, where will we go? In fact, not just 360, every Internet Co faces the challenge of mobile internet.

some people say that failure is the mother of success, but in fact, success is also the father of failure, the more successful companies in the PC Internet, it has more burden on the mobile internet. First, the successful experience of PC Internet may not apply to the mobile Internet; two is accumulated in the past, these success will become a burden. For example, if you’re a startup today, you can try anything on the mobile Internet, design your product, plan your future, just like drawing on a blank sheet of paper. However, the traditional PC Internet Co should not only consider the trend of mobile Internet, but in the traditional PC Internet advantage also cannot be lost, because your main income is above the PC, the mobile phone does not make money but on behalf of the future, to reform his own life, the more difficult to turn the ship.

many Internet giants will say to the layout of the mobile Internet, I am opposed to "layout" that, for large companies, mobile Internet is the most easy to mistake from its existing advantages, while ignoring the user experience this fundamental. >


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