Please do not be bound by the webmaster website designer top hat

, who has 6-7 years of experience in website building in the industry, has experienced the design and planning of too many large and small projects. What have not seen, each item down can be a great meaning, every time more than eighty percent design draft is a draft had. And there are many reasons why the manuscript is good, because it is really considered. It may be said that my things will not be too showy, but it will definitely help you. Because of this, the formation of my own personal brand, recall the past, their own door-to-door customers, after cooperation, I am very grateful, admire, but also a small number of customers I have become a "master."". Because of all this, I feel very confident about my ability.

but something has happened recently that has given me a new look at myself;

the first two weeks, a new client found me through my personal website. We made a date, made an appointment, met, chatted, and had a bit of a feeling of late, finally talked about his needs, talked happily, and further increased his confidence in me. Days later, I talked about the details of cooperation, and the customer readily agreed to my request. Customers attach great importance to this project and rest assured that it has been handed over to me. After returning, I started the client’s project. A few days later, it was time for me to promise to see the draft, and I handed in the manuscript as scheduled. The manuscript went on for about 5 minutes, and the customer sent a few words on QQ. These words made me silly.

customer says:

"this one if you are willing to meet, take heart, the release of a: the effort is not enough. Two, no serious study of our business needs, and the demands of customers, not with sales force. Three, our business research and analysis is not enough, at least this station on how to reflect the strength of the advantages, how to highlight the product prices, color and so on, are to be carefully studied."

this a few words fly, really let me speechless. In recent years, the work time, never really happened, when I first conditioned reflex no to find my own problem, but the thought of the customer too nagging level, there is a little angry, ha ha.

changed from anger to guilt in a few hours because I thought of the customer who had found me with my personal brand, and the trust and expectations that the client had placed in me. But the result disappointed the customer. Then I realized my own problem, and the customer needs to take out finishing again, and put down the shelf designers themselves, the initiative to visit the customer, the customer wants to go the way still, certainly angry, to ultimately get a meal for me down like a tautology heavy. But no, the customer is the same to me. Still so respected, so trust. I immediately apologized to my client and explained where my problem was and how to solve the problem. >


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