See the sun, ‘m glad rookie do station experience

is the new year, the atmosphere of the new year but did not let me smell, I do not know whether every time stay in front of the computer for a long time, no way ah, the webmaster very hard ah, more than half a year’s experience of the site, so I learned a lot, is no longer suit, is no longer the imitation,

is no longer blind!

now I this station has been planned from the original idea, to modify the template, continue to collect the contents of PS, everything in good order and well arranged to do the most, I am pleased to say that this is all so perfect, so I am very happy!

now I say this stand it, I put my first station location to the huskies, everyone knows I love husky, husky, so do these make me very interested in, and found some words related to the main keywords huskies were written to Title, Keywords, Description, and then find the some articles enrich website, the Title of what, oh not original to also the original, I collect content is a skill, is to ask the QQ in search of the relevant content, these are questions of the others, you carefully modify, or put together a few answers, it barely is the original


search is through search husky? Most pictures here, so we have to find some pictures and articles, but remember that in the picture the ALT write on the keywords Oh, then in the picture and the text description of some good


published the article keywords appear plus general link, link to the home page or words related to local, is said to be able to improve the weights of the home page, there is a difference between and which also can increase the weight, with the latter, do Links should do


I’m just optimizing some of Baidu’s optimizations, but I’m sure it’ll work out fine,



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