Exchange friendship link years of actual combat experience

has stood for 7 years, operating a small number of sites, write some experience, experience, and share with you,

individual still feels, insist, hard thinking is more important,

1. exchange method

is divided into four phases:

the first stage (usually two or three days to complete): one-time, all the links to link the site, do a good home page link, and then go to their website to find

a.BBS forum B. guestbook c.QQ D.Email

first of all, we are talking about the BBS forum, and we can exchange links in the forums, forums, business sections, and 2

for the guestbook and EMAIL, we can send links to the content 1

finally, we’ll try to find the site’s contact QQ, talk to him directly, and generally send the following information directly:

? I’m a foreign trade underwear wholesale network has been making your site’s home page links. You do, please tell me (Note: the general webmaster are busy, so speak bluntly, a word that all things)

second stage:

after a few days to check these links, we do not see what the website links, direct telephone, let them do on our link, because it is likely that they have not received the request

we exchange links

third stage:

has just started to exchange links, and others, should not be too concerned about them is to put our link to the home page or inside pages link to put page links, we told them, in one or two months, so we go up, then let him put on the home page link can, after one or two months then, let him on the front page of

fourth stage

when the website PR value of 3 or 4, ALEXA ranking in less than one million, and to some well-known industry Web site link exchange page, general QQ chat can be, if they did not reply directly to them for the PR phone, because "3, 4, they will be more interested in, at the same time, will not refuse..


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